The project

The aim of the project is to create favourable conditions for people with physical or intellectual impairment to get involved in canoe clubs, meet others and have a great time paddling together. The goal is to find and invite, inspire and activate the target group, to increase the number of club members with physical or intellectual impairment. To enable the goal, the project aims to increase knowledge on methods and pedagogy for the best coaching techniques for the target group, find out what is needed in terms of, equipment, structure and organisation in canoe clubs and how to reach out.

The project draws on the sureness of the possibilities of freedom of movement physically and emotionally through paddling activities for people who might in other regards feel restricted. Too few canoe clubs and paddling venues are accessible to people with physical or intellectual impairment. Through the project, the project partners will have the chance to help and ease for the target group to be a socially, emotionally and practically included and active part in the regular canoeing activities.

A network will be established. At three workshop sessions, the network will examine research, analyse methods and discuss approaches and organisation. The network will plan the acitivities that will take place to implement methods and knowledge. Activities include instruction to coaches, outreach work, awarenessraising, enrolling paddlers from the target group, hold taster sessions and training sessions, as well as recreational paddling trips, target group involvment in project development and webinar to launch project results and free to use documentation.