Orfit, a material to shape

Orfit, a material to shape

27/10/2021 Off By Emma Broberg

Orfit is a material you can shape by giving it heat and when it is cooled down, it hardens up. 

About Orfit Based on innovative technologies, Orfit develops and produces the most precise and reliable thermoplastic materials for medical devices that improve patient treatment around the world”. 

LINK: Orfit 

You can heat it up either using hot water or a heat gun but Orfit can also help you make the product so it becomes professional and a perfect fit. 

What did we do in Denmark?
In Denmark the task was to get hands-on experience in how to shape the material and get the sense and ideas to what purposes this material could be used in relation to paracanoe. It was only a two hour workshop, still we managed to shape small products.  


You see:
– A small seat (the material feels nice in the skin, and adaptions to seats could be made)
– A katapult that shows that you can make the material stronger by heating more layers together.
– A prototype of a grip, if you have lack of hand  funktion.
– A cup holder, to show the creativity  with Orfit has no limits.

How to get Orfit material:
Orfit was introduced in a workshop in Copenhagen. Emma from Denmark had contacted orfit from their official homepage. From there she had a fast response and was contacted by a Danish manager and from there there was great service and fast shipment. 

– Leader in thermoplastic innovations

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You can also read this fun article about how to decorate orfit, to show the many shapes and possibilities Orfit has. 

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