More than 25 years of Special Olympics Kayaking in Poland

More than 25 years of Special Olympics Kayaking in Poland

27/06/2021 Off By Risto Lehtinen

Photo: Kasper Kędzierski

From 11-13 June 2021 in Nova Sól, Poland National Special Olympics Kayaking Regattas took place.  41 athletes from 7 regions were competing  in single and double kayaks on distances 200 m and 500 m.  Paddlers first showed their abilities in preliminary round and after that all of them participated in final round. They were divided on the groups for the final according to their abilities. We had 15 final groups. All the finals were very closed. Athletes were presenting deep involvement and strength. 

SO Team Spirit in Poland





Proud successful athletes with coach



After emotional races they got medals according to their places from the final round. 

The medals were presented by Beata Sokołowska – Polish Olympics medallist who was the chief official there.

In 1995 the first local Special Olympics kayaking regattas took place in Poland and in 1996 in Poznań were the first national level special Olympics regattas. 

Róża Banasik- Zarańska 


What a nice event in Poland!