Everyone can take a stroke

Everyone can take a stroke

06/03/2022 Off By Emma Broberg

In November 2021 Parasport Danmark had made it possible for 18 adults with physical difficulties to go to La Santa and try paddling. 18 adults with no or very little experience with paddling or watersports. Especially important was that many of them had stopped doing sport after their ‘new’ body or had never done sports before. 

The group had a big diversity of difficulties. One could only use the left side of the upper body due to an apoplexia, well treated and less well treated sklerose, spinal cord injuries even as high people had little hand funktion. Cerebral parese, leg amputee and people with no diagnosis, though a body who was in some way degenerating. In common they were all super excited and super motivated to try canoeing. 

La Santa sport has a lagoon with closed water, and around the club an area where you are able to walk alongside a canoe. Emma Broberg, the coach, managed to get everyone in a canoe! 

Everyone started in a red plastic kayak with no steering. As many of the participants did not have leg funktion, they were not able to use the steering anyway. It was extremely important that on one got wounds on the bum, because if you are bound to a wheelchair you are extremely vulnerable. With a broom alle the seats were cleaned and foam was adjusted to fit the people with more need of support and stability. Blankets were also a huge help to make supper around the core. 

The people who were more excited and had some trunk stability also tried a surfski V7 with great success. The people with less balance we used the normal tour kayak (55cm wide). They were designed with a lot of foam and the spinal cord injuries could then paddle a normal kayak. 

The instructor, Emma, wanted to make the participants get an experience as close to an experience in a Danish kayaking club. She had organized professional wing paddles for the paddles and the smaller blades and light paddles were extremely good. Especially for people with less power, like the sclerosis. 

The goal was to design a kayak so everyone could do a stroke with less or a lot of support and adjustments. And it happened and the goal of the activity canoeing for disabilities was a great success.


The red canoes was the primary used kayak. With blankets the participants could get the trunk stability necessary and be relaxed when paddling and had the opportunity to take a tour in the lagoon. 


The Surfski EPIC V7 was great succes for people with trunk stability. 

The people who were motivated to step the level up, was paddling this tour kayak. This mas has no leg funktion, and not full trunk funktion. Still he ended up paddling on his own,