Approved kayaks for para

Approved kayaks for para

13/10/2021 Off By Cis Sivelin

To compete in paracanoe you must have an approved kayak. It must be in right measure to compete with. The kayak must be 5,20m long and 50cm wide and the wight have to be minimum 12 kg. It also is a measuring tool that measures some point inside the kayak.

It´s no rules to build some extra support for the athlete in the kayak. But when you weigh your kayak, it must be fixed in the kayak. If the athlete is fixed into the boat, you must need a quick release for the safety. You can read more about the rules on ICF.

It’s two big brands who have approved para kayaks, Nelo and Plastex.

It was very educational and inspiring to be at the Worlds in Copenhagen. Especially to see the para classes. How they fix and find solutions. And the people who work for ICF was very strict with the mesaurments in the all kayaks.

We got to branded new parakayaks home from Copenhagen. And one was for Elina. And she tried the boat the day after and was so happy. “I’m speechless. This is something diffrent”

So the trip to Copenhagen gave us lots of energy to work forward back home in Sweden.

/ Cecilia & Elina