Accessibility on La Santa Sport, 18 adults kayaking

Accessibility on La Santa Sport, 18 adults kayaking

10/02/2022 Off By Emma Broberg

In November 2021, 18 adults with different challenges were selected for a life changing trip toLa Santa Sport.

But how is La Santa Sport, if you want to paddle, but you are bound to a wheelchair?

The project
The trip was organized by Parasport Danmark. Parasport Danmark is a federation who is interested in developing good possibilities for sports for all people with a handicap, as well as they are in charge of the elite segment of para sport. Parasport Danmark had applied fonding and with that founding they did a selection with application and interviews to find the 18 perfect people to join a free trip to La Santa with the goal of testing their body and see what they were able to. 

In 2021 the focus was in watersports, that is why they needed a professional kayaking coach. 

Emma Broberg was selected to be the coach for the La Santa Trip. She had already coached kayaking for many years for many target groups and levels, as well as being an occupational therapist. She took the days off from work, but the trip was ten free.

I remember calling La Santa from home to prepare and discuss the kayak types available for the trip, but then I asked how to get to the club?’
The man said there was 70 meter of sand to the club. And that is where I told him, I think we should start out planning there. 90% of the participants were in wheelchairs. So, how do we get wheelchair to the club?  

The collaboration continued and we had many good talks about what we needed to make it happen. The La Santa sport crew was 100% engaged in the project and had so many ideas and will to make this happen. 

I hoist in the sand

When arriving Emma and La Santa Crew staff made the last adjustments. They had found a red capet that went all the way down to the club. They had even made an entire platform with blankets and shade down at the clubhouse.

That had borrowed an electric hoist that we were allowed to dig into the sand. And they even bought a floating chair just for Parasport Danmark, to come from the club to the little beach.
Besides that they had a broom for taking away sand, plenty of blankets and towels. 

When we were kayaking at La Santa Sport they always found 2 helpful Green Teamers to help with everything. It was amazing, and we needed the extra hands to create a safe space for everyone.  

Emma had brought foam, duktape, and professional wing paddles. 

La Santa really made it possible. They want to do more for this kind of target group in future time and it can only be recommended to go.